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Taxes and Economic issues
  • Lower property tax rates to provide substantial relief to Texas homeowners

  • Establish an appraisal cap on the increase of property values

  • Bring new economic development to the District through the new International Management District.
  • Provide an adequate state investment in our local schools

  • Require accountability from our schools

  • Pay teachers like the professionals they are - we need to retain good teachers

  • Make college tuition rates more affordable and control tuition rate increases

  • Prepare our future generation with the proper tools to contribute to our society and to compete globally

  • Make sure the state works in partnership with local law enforcement entities so that all resources needed for public safety are available.

  • Work to rid our communities of gangs.

  • Use the International Management District to provide greater public safety.

Public Health
  • Restore full health insurance benefits to eligible children of working parents to ensure that our children are healthy and to ease the overcrowding in our emergency rooms

  • Take advantage of the estimated $300 million of Federal funds left on the table in Washington each year by fully funding CHIP

  • Reinstate $50 million in mental health cuts enacted in 2003 to provide community help and ease the burden on local law enforcement

  • Improve state efforts to curb domestic violence and prevent child abuse

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